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8-1 vs 8-3

Today is the day we are competing against 8-3. We are going to play soccer match.

I am looking forward to who will win the game. 8-3 class has a great goalkeeper name
Min woo. He is the best goalkeeper in 8th grade. But in 8-1 we have a lot of good defenders and attackers. Min Seo and Sung Yeol is the best defender so 8-3 attackers could not shoot.  We have 4 good attackers, Sang Seon, Seung Yup, Jae Woon and I.

i will show my sportsmanship during the game and tell the result who is going to win.


P.E (physical education)

On Monday, it was sunny. When i woke up i thought that it was warm outside. It was warm  in morning. As the time past, when it was 11 o clock, guess what it was really hot outside. Maybe new students might not experince this weather, but the hottest day was 41.C. On Monday it was also hot even it wasnt 41.C, it was 37.C. My friends said that they had never experience this weather and thought they were in the middle of the desert.

I don’t like hot weather, because it’s easy to get dehydrated and exhasted.

I wish it rains a lot one day.

 desert에 대한 이미지 결과

We Finished the TEST!!!!

Finally, we all finished the exam. After we finish the exam, i went to ice link and played with my friends. Seung Ho has slipped a lot of times, which made us laugh. Tae Hyun and i got bleed on my knees and my arms. After having fun and hurt in ice link, we were hungry. So we went to KFC and ate chickens, burgers, french fries and cokes.

I knew that if its time to study for test, its really boring but if  the exams are over, its feels like im in the heaven.^

test에 대한 이미지 결과 unfortunately, i messes up with my test…